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용존 원자수소수의 4가지 특징

Four Features of Soluble Atomic Hydrogen WATER

1. PH 7.4

2. 1600ppb

PH(수소이온농도)가 7.4로 알칼리성의 물을 띠고 있다
PH (hydrogen ion concentration) is 7.4 with alkaline water

용존원자수소수에 담겨있는 수소농도의 측정값이 1600ppb
The measured concentration of hydrogen in dissolved atomic hydrogen water is 1600 ppb.

3.NMR 50~55Hz

역삼투압정수기 물의 클러스트가 150Hz. 물의 입자가 작아 체내의 흡수가 매우 빠름
Clust of reverse osmotic water purifier water 150 Hz. The water particles are small, so the absorption of the body is very fast.

Oxidation-Reduction Potential

4.ORP -750mv

일반 생수는 +300mV , 용존 원자수소수는 -750mV    酸化還元電位
CNormal bottled water +300 mV, dissolved atomic water -750 mV

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