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Characteristics of Quantum Energy Fields

1. Quantum energy field is a force generated by a rotor (the atom or electron of all matter is rotated) that appears to be two polarity poles left or right depending on the direction of rotation, and the same polarity is attracted to each other and the other polarity has the characteristic of interacting with each other.

2. The left-turn field has been found to have a negative effect on the human body or material and the right-turn field has a very positive effect on the human body or material. When positive fields meet harmful external wavelengths, they interact with negative-causing fields and destroy them, resulting in positive energy that protects the body's biomechanical and immune systems.

3. Quantum energy fields have the effect of remembering the action forces around them and using these features to continuously radiate beneficial fields of the human body to a particular material will cause beneficial electromagnetic waves to be remembered and self-evolved, and will continue to release beneficial fields even after the influence of fields that were released from the outside has been removed.

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