Quantum plasma Air Purifier in Photocatalyst Technology. 
Quantum Energy Field UV/ TiO2 Air Cleaner Sterilizer Sales Start

Quantum plasma Cleaner UV / TiO2 Air Cleaning Sterilizer 4 Major Functions

1. Eliminate electromagnetic waves 
· Remove harmful substances and increase human activity
· Generate fresh anions → Neutralize harmful positive ions
· Reducing the amount of stress hormones → Prevent modern diseases such as VDT syndrome and building syndrome, and increase human activity by ingesting abundant anions.


2. Air purification 
· Purification with clean and fresh air
· Remove pollutants present in the polluted air, such as tobacco smoke, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and other harmful substances and suspended bacteria by OH radicals and sweet atomic oxygen. 
· Keep the air clean and fresh


3. Deodorization 
· Eliminate indoor odor such as cigarette smoke
· Chemical oxidize cigarette smoke, cooking gas, and unpleasant smells in the bathroom by neutralizing odors that permeate the air.
· Removing odors and creating a pleasant indoor environment


4. Antibacterial Action 
· Removing dust and germs
· In addition to dust or pollen that floats in the air and causes confusion in the room, bacteria such as mites and fungi are sterilized or prevented from reproducing.